All of our valued customers have access to a simple canceling method. You have the option to cancel your online order before it is dispatched or within 24 hours of placing it, whichever comes first. The total value of your order will be returned.

The Cancel Your Order button on the Order Page allows you to cancel your order. The reason for the cancellation should be stated in the Comments Box. When you cancel a purchase, our Customer Support team will begin the refund process for any prepaid orders and notify you through email.

Please keep in mind that the entire order must be canceled. We do not accept requests to cancel part of an order.

Policy on Refunds:

We will begin processing your refund within 2 business days of receiving your refund request and authorization. Between 4 and 8 days after initiating the refund, your refund should be credited to the account used for order payment.

Please keep in mind that the real account credit is determined by a number of external entities, including banks, payment gateways, and external couriers (for cheques).

Shipping Policy:

Please read our shipping policy carefully to understand all the points

  • On cancellation or return, You will receive a refund after deducting shipping charges
  • You have to pay your own shipping cost if you return the item
  • Shipping cost are not refundable.
  • We deliver your product through our partner shipping company.
  • Orders are delivered within 7-10 working days in domestic
  • RichlookFashion will not be responsible for any delay made by courier company.
  • Your prepaid amount is safe, if the item is lost by us or the courier company then the full amount will be refunded.

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